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Installation was a nice and easy process when building inside the RAIDMAX Viper GX II. The case features plenty of room for all components and everything just fits into place nicely. I really do not recall have any issues at all and with things like the 2.5″ drive retention clips fitting perfectly onto the SSD with no need for screws the whole build was a breeze.

As we previously saw on the top of the case there is about 25mm of room to play with before things start making their way down into the case, the bellow picture will just show that there is still a bit of room inside the main part of the case so if it doesn’t all fit in the top, no worries. Everything seems to have its own place and it all just seems to fit nicely where it belongs, building in the Viper GX II was a breeze and I can not fault this case at all in this regards, was extremely happy with it.

Raidmax Viper GX II Installation



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