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Jumping right into things and the performance of the Viper GX II is on point. The included two fans create a nice amount of airflow throughout the case which helps to make sure components are not overheating during longer periods of use. The top of the case has a nice area where users will be able to fit a nice AIO CPU cooler or even just a couple of fans, or, if not making the most of the space it is still a well-ventilated area and will allow some of the hot air to exhaust out of the top of the case. The Viper GX II also has a nice cable management system and other helpful options that will allow users to keep a good amount of air flowing throughout the case.

In terms of design, the Viper GX II definitely has the “gamer” vibe going on, but without overdoing it. The case is almost completely black, inside and out except for a few orange accents on the front and, of course, the nice orange glow that is emitted front the front exhaust fan. Not only is the case designed to have a bit of flair, it is also designed to be highly functional on both the inside and out. Things like the 2.5″ hotswap bay on the top of the case are sure to give the Viper GX II that little bit extra to help further the fact that it is a worthy purchase. On the inside, there is room for a decent AIO CPU cooler, cable management and plenty of room for hard drives and even the longest of graphics cards should fit with ease.

RAIDMAX is known for creating cases that offer great value and it is safe to say they have not let us down with the Viper GX II and I mean how could they? After all, this is just a slightly updated version of the case and the original was also great in all aspects. While the Viper GX II may not be the cheapest case on the market it is surely worth its price tag and has lots to offer. Performance, design, and functionality are all there, it is also built from top-quality materials and is sturdy so should last for a good long while in any situation it may find itself.

At the end of the day, the Viper GX II is a great all around PC caseĀ that won’t hurt the bankĀ or your feelings if purchasing it. You get what you pay for and with the Viper GX II it is clear you are getting a quality mid-range PC case.

I would like to thank RAIDMAX for sending the Viper GX II in for review and look forward to seeing what they will come out with next.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Offers great performance and functionality
– Good cable management options
– Plenty of room for hard drives and SSDs
– Supports longer graphics cards


– Not a big update from the original aside from the colour scheme

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