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Closer Look

The E585’s packaging itself is quite tight and well presented with the noise-cancelling feature of the earphones and E585 itself front and centre. Getting someone to buy your product of the ubiquitous Apple offerings is hard and therefore the universal selling point of noise cancelling is poushed by Sony as much as possible.

The back of the packaging is fairly plain, although support out of the box for Windows 8 is welcome.

With the contents busted out you’re presented with the below.

The device itself is really quite petite and extremely light. If anyone is considering a new media player for sports or activity, the E585 is certainly worth a look.  The machined finished is quite nice and certainly looks better than just a plastic shell

The device is extremely slimline (Pound not included).

First impressions of the buttons are good. The wheel is nice and clicky and the two main buttons both have a good tactile response.

The back of the E585 doesn’t really offer up much but you can get a better sense of the volume rocker and lock on the left hand-side and there is an easy to reach reset option to the right should you have any issues with the device.

Sadly, Sony decided to ship the E585 with a proprietary cable so if you find yourself caught short on charge and away from home you may be out of luck. There are also different ear buds included making a total of three sizes including the default ones already installed on the earphones.

The headphone jack is at the bottom as you can see. Personally, I prefer it this way as it means you can drop the device in your pocked and pull it back out the ‘right’ way and not have to worry about the cable becoming damaged after prolonged use.


Last, but quite important, are the earphones themselves. The included earphones are noise-cancelling ones, or at least, needed for noise-cancelling feature of the E585.


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