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Starting with the packaging that the Corsair Force LX 256GB comes in, the first thing that caught my eye was the green haze that the front of the box has.  Unlike the LS models which these new LX ones replace, Corsair have gone with a lime green accent over the turquoise found on the LS; I actually find the green more vibrant and noticeable which is great in a retail environment.

On the front of the box we have an illustration of the drive itself, we also have the famous Corsair logo in the top left hand corner with the model number down the right hand side.

The rear of the box is slightly different in design and features a white background with pretty small black text.  Information on the Force Series LX drives is displayed but there isn’t a comprehensive list of specifications, other than the SATA3 interface the SSD has.

Inside the box aside from the SSD itself, is a warranty information leaflet.  With this being a “basic” (if you can call it that) option so it doesn’t come provided with a 2.5” bracket.  It does however come in a very nice reseal able plastic blister pack type packaging which keeps it secure during transit and is designed to reduce damage.


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