HyperX Savage SSD Review

Savage is gonna get you!


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4.75GB Transfer

In a new test here at Play3r, I have devised a method to test real-world performance via a scenario of a 4.75GB file transfer from my test bench SSD (SanDisk Extreme PRO) to the target device; the one on test at the time.  The file itself contains a selection of music, multi-media files and word documents to give real world data; not synthetic files etc.

The test will be over the SATA3 (6GB/s) interface as this is the most commonly found on the latest motherboards/SATA compatible devices.  So the test itself?  Well, it involves transferring via drag and drop into the target drive from the test bench and the time taken will be divided by the amount of data giving us the average MB/s achieved.  The lower the better of course!

4.75GB Data Transfer

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