Kingston HyperX Fury 120GB SSD Review


[section_title title=”Windows 7 Boot Time”]Windows 7 Boot Time 

BootRacer is a Windows boot speed meter, race your Windows boot using BootRacer and look at the result boot rating. If your rating is not good or an excellent, you need speed up your Windows startup. BootRacer is easy to use, even for novices. It works by measuring the time from user logon to the computer being fully booted; it also writes results to the Windows event log and calculates the best boot time. 

To measure the time it takes to fully load into Windows 7, we use the Boot Racer 4.7 application to give us our scores in seconds.


Although the difference is very marginal, the Fury sits just behind the rest by a second; nothing worth getting in a strop over as it still shows it is much faster than a mechanical hard drive.


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