Lexar Jumpdrive S75 and P20 Review



I mentioned that the Jumpdrive’s securely encrypt files and they do this by utilising the bundled EncryptStick Lite software, which is also available as a download from Lexar’s website if you choose to format the drive in the future.

Encryptstick Lite Small Logo

Choosing to install this from the P20 I was immediately presented with an update notification, nice to know that you don’t have to go through the full install before finding out it needs an update or worse, have to reinstall a newer version straight after the install.

After the update and install, you are presented with a simple interface to create a password for use with the drive, along with options to restrict the characters that are used.

Encryptstick Lite ss1 create PasswordJPG

With the password created, the application opens to reveal to a simple file and folder display window. Using the program is second nature to anyone who has used windows in the past, to encrypt a file simply drag it onto the Flash Drive icon in the top panel and the program does its thing.

Encryptstick Lite ss2 Application

As an extension to my real-world test, I transferred the same 400Mb AVI file that I used earlier to the P20 while encrypting it which took 11 seconds. Repeating this process with the JunpdriveS75 took 16 seconds.

The specification of my computer come into play here, and the relevant ones are:

  • Intel i7 4770k 4400MHz
  • Asrock z87 Formula OC /ac
  • Team Group 32GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD

Looking at the interface and double-clicking the Flash Drive icon in the top reveals name and nature of the file and allows it to be downloaded from the flash drive or played (in this case) directly from it. Navigating to the file’s location in the Vault section of the flash drive though only displays the coded name of the file and no clues about its extension.

Encryptstick Lite ss9 restarting from USB

When you’re done, simply close the program or choose the lock icon which takes you back to the password screen. Restarting EncryptionStick Lite is done from the .exe on the flash drive itself.

Encryptstick Lite ss7 restarting from USB


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