Lexar Professional Workflow HR1 – UR1 – SR2 and DD512 Review


DD512 Performance

For my testing, I tried the DD512 both in the hub and on it’s own and the results were very similar so I decided to leave it in its hub and run all the benchmarks through there. For the test system, I was using an Intel i7 4770K paired with an ASUS Z97-K motherboard and 8GB of 2400MHz Kingston HyperX Beast RAM.

As you can see below VIA the various benchmark programs, the DD512 runs at your average USB3.0 speeds which are just fine, as that is what it is after all. While it could be easily argued that you can find faster performance for similar prices, you could also argue the point back that the DD512 is designed to be part of an easy to use hub. The DD512 offers great speeds and when paired with the HR1 hub, and some of the other card readers, it will make many a photographer’s or other types of professional’s life very easy when it comes to backing up and transferring files from SD cards. Let’s also not forget the fact that it can be taken out of the hub and used on its own if and when need be, making it more versatile!

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