Samsung 840 EVO 750GB SSD & MacBook Pro: Disk Speed Blues


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Now were used to hard disk drives costing a few tens of pounds per terabyte, £300 or more for a solid state drive seems like a lot of money. (Although to be fair, in my first proper job in the late 90s I was selling a terabyte of disk in a cabinet the size of a fridge for about £750,000; so I guess in those terms, £300 isnt such a bad deal.)

However, £300 is a small price to pay for the increased usability and consequent hike in productivity from turning a lethargic, ageing system into a spring chicken once more. My Mac will be grinding away over a substantial design project this weekend, and I can already start quantifying the time and money Ill save from installing the SSD.

If, like I was, youre sitting on the fence wondering whether its worth the money to rejuvenate an older, HDD-based MacBook, I wouldnt hesitate. You should be falling over yourself to spend the money. Improved battery life, greater mechanical reliability and a quieter laptop just sweeten the deal.

The Samsung end of the experience was fast and painless. The physical drive upgrade is as close to plug-and-play as youll even get in an Apple laptop. Im pleased to see the drive ships with a three year limited warranty, which gives some peace of mind, but by its nature a solid state device should be reliable once installed.

For me the data migration process was less smooth, but thats a function of the ageing original hard drive rather than the SSD.


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