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SanDisk Ultra II 240GB SSD Review

SanDisk Ultra II 240GB SSD Review

[section_title title=”SanDisk SSD Dashboard”]SanDisk SSD Dashboard

With the majority of SSD manufacturers including dashboard software, I thought I would give you the low down on SanDisk variant, aptly named SanDisk SSD Dashboard!

So what is featured?  Well the SanDisk SSD Dashboard contains menus which include information about the status of the drive, a performance tab which shows real time read/write performance, a tools section which contains, well tools such as secure erase, a firmware updater and S.M.A.R.T diagnostics.

Also available is a settings menu which allows you to update the software (if there is a newer version available of course) and the ability to turn off Windows write-caching.  Lastly the help section allows users the ability to get online support via user forums, live chat (when open) and the ability to ask a question direct to customer support.  This is a really nice feature and in addition to the provided warranty, users should feel confident that SanDisk has their back if any issues were to arise.

Here are some illustrations of each of the 5 different menus featured within the SanDisk SSD Dashboard software: (note the drive used here is the Extreme PRO 480GB but the software is identical across all of the drives)


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