Seagate ST4000VN000 4TB Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”]Closer Look

Hard drives these days tend to be shipped in small brown cardboard boxes with the drive itself enclosed in an anti-static bag but this particular sample arrived in a hugely brown padded envelope which did include a static bag to protect the drive from any nasty ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage during transit.

The Seagate 4TB NAS drive itself looks pretty much like any other hard drive on the market, silver external shell with the manufacturer white label on the front with information regarding the model number, serial number and guideline information etc.

On the rear the drive has a black hard plastic coating to protect the components of the drive itself and we have the ever present tracks from the platter to the connectors, in this case it’s a SATA3 connection.  There is also a fair amount of the PCB showing which on this drive, is green in colour.

Connection wise, we have a SATA3 connection for supported speeds of up to 6GB/s (not possible on this drive anyway) and a SATA power connector.  This particular drive doesn’t support SAS and if it did, it would cost a considerable amount more.


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