Seagate ST4000VN000 4TB Review


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So with NAS (network attached storage) being the primary use for the Seagate ST4000VN000, is it a worthwhile purchase over a conventional hard drive and does it warrant the £143 price tag?

Well jumping right into the main focus which is the performance, I was very impressed with the Seagate drive on the whole.  The sequential read speeds were an improvement over the WD black² dual drives 1TB partition and the WD caviar blue and equalled the write speeds of even the OCZ Vertex 3 SSD which is mightily impressive in my opinion.  The fact that this 5900rpm drive equals an SSD in any shape or form in any test shows pure performance and with it being in a NAS, it will be noticeably quieter than say a 7200rpm drive or a Western Digital Raptor.

The design and aesthetics of the ST4000VN000 4TB NAS drive were like many other HDDs currently on the market, black, silver and green PCB.  Although it would be unfair to mark it down on how it looks, it isn’t going to be visible anyway unless you want to put it on display which is crazy by all means!  The build quality however feels really good, it is nice and heavy and feels really well made with no loose screws and the connections are solid to touch.

Although this is a NAS drive, you can also use it for general systems and even for general storage.  It will certainly be a better drive than a standard Barracuda in terms of performance and with there being a little premium to pay for it being NAS specific, I would say it was worth the extra cost.  This drive comes with a standard 3 year manufacturer’s warranty which is also a big plus point for Seagate in this instance.

Price wise, it can be had for £143.28 which is quite expensive, but what you do get is a very fast NAS grade drive which is built well, is literally inaudible over case fans and is as big storage wise as you are going to get at this price.

Overall the Seagate 4TB NAS drive ticks all the boxes that you could need when looking for a NAS drive, it has 3 years warranty and Seagate are usually very good when it comes to warranty, it has a solid feel and has performance that is clearly on par with its price point.  If you are in the market for a 4TB drive for a NAS or storage in general, make sure the ST 4000VN000 4TB in your shortlist.

Thanks to Seagate for sending in the sample for review and I look forward to seeing more in the near future.

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