Synology DiskStation DS216se 2-Bay NAS Unit Review


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Closer Look

Now we will unpackage the item and take our first glimpses at what is inside the box.


Following a basic packaging format as other products in their home network range, Synology have securely packaged their NAS unit to prevent any damage during transit and make sure the DS216se arrived at your door safely.

IMG_5015 One side of the box will contain more details on what to expect when you open the box, specifically the device and specification. Keeping it fairly simple, Synology have provided the details you will need to be able to distinguish what device you have purchased without any other fancy selling points you may expect to see on many other products sold on the market.


In the box we have 2 different types of screws, one for mounting the storage devices and the other for the external case. Spares have been provided.


A power brick and wall plug is provided to allow for power to the DS216se.


A standardized network cable is also provided in the box to allow for easy installation and without the need to purchase anything else to get the NAS running.

Also in the box is a very simple “Quick Set-up” guide to help you get the ball rolling.


Finally, we have the DS216se NAS unit. One side sports a Synology brand name cut into the plastic to allow for better air flow.

Image of rear of Synology NAS

The rear features an intake fan to allow for cool air to be brought in from the rear of the device and pass over the warm drives within. A reset button, network port, 2 x USB ports, DC power port and security cable locking point.


The front facing side allows for easy light indication as to the status of each disk, power and LAN activity. A power button allows for turning on and off of the deice, although the shutdown sequence will take a little while as the NAS backs your data up one last time before powering down. Different colored lights mean different things so ensure you consult the support page online or DSM support client for any assistance you may require.

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