Braebo Hercules AMD FM2+ System Review


Closer Look Cont.

Upon removing the Aerocool DS Dead Silence side panels, we are greeted with the horizontally mounted M-ATX Gigabyte FM2A88XM-D3H motherboard with a Silverstone tower cooler and 1 x 120mm Silverstone fan to provide cooling to the AMD A10 7800 FM2+ APU.  This is in addition to the FSP OEM 500watt power supply which doesn’t really scream much in the way of quality; for this type of system however it should be ok but if you intend to add a dedicated graphics card, I would certainly upgrade the power supply.

Braebo have equipped the Hercules with a 1TB mechanical HDD which is plenty of storage for all your films, music, operating system, games and of course documents; as previously mentioned, Windows 8.1 64bit is already pre-installed for the user with this particular build.

The Hercules also comes equipped with a basic FSP 500watt OEM power supply which isn’t “great”, but it is ample and allows for a lower overall cost; if you intend to add a dedicated GPU then I would recommend you upgrade the power supply.

Here we have the bottom compartment which houses the Aerocool’s Dead Silence cases cable management; Braebo have actually done a good job considering and although a “better” job could have been done, this particular build doesn’t have side panels so it has no detriment to aesthetics or even air flow.

It wouldn’t be a system without a cooler helping reduce the APU’s temperatures and I really do love the Silverstone white and blue contrast here; subtle.

Last but not least, Braebo have equipped this system with 8GB (2x4GB) of AMD RADEON R9 branded memory which runs at 2133MHz; perfect for the AMD A10 7800 which feeds off the higher memory speeds for much better IGP performance.


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