Cyberpower Ultra Fusion Review


[section_title title=Closer Look – Interior”]Closer Look – Interior

Taking a look at the Cyberpower Ultra Fusion system with the side panel off, we can see a general overview of the components.  Underneath the Cooler Master Seidon water cooler is the AMD FX-9590 8 core Piledriver CPU which is clocked to 4.7GHz with a further increase to 5GHz in the way of turbo clocks; impressive specs on paper.  Underneath the CPU is the powerful MSI 4GB R9 290x which is more than capable of maxing out any games at 1920×1080 and most titles at 2560x1440p; one of the best graphics cards on the market.  Underneath is the Corsair RM850 modular PSU which powers the rig; I am a huge fan of corsair power supplies and they provide quality and reliability to any system/build.

Looking more in depth at the cooler, the Cooler Master Seidon CPU block has an industrious look to it which I quite like the design of.  The cooling performance should be capable, especially with the powerhouse 8 core CPU @ 5GHz blasting under the load of games/rendering etc.  The Ultra Fusion features 2 x Akasa 120mm blue LED fans which operate in push/pull for optimal cooling performance.

Installed in the system is an 8GB kit from Kingston’s HyperX Blu range.  This particular kit is spec’d at 1600MHz with CAS timings of 11-11-11-28 which is rather poor for a kit running at 1600MHz; surely it could have been equipped with better memory considering the price of the system?

In terms of design, it does have green PCB but it’s hardly noticeable and I really like the blue heat spreaders as this fits in with the overall design of the system.

Powering the Ultra Fusion system is the Corsair 850w RM850 which features a modular design and an 80PLUS gold certification; probably a good thing basing my assumptions on what kind of power draw this system is going to pull under full load.

The cable management for the PSU is neatly tucked away also which is not only a credit to the modular design but the space inside the Cosmos SE chassis.

Here is a closer look at the MSI AMD R9 290x graphics card which in my opinion, is the centre piece of the entire build.  It is not only the best AMD single GPU card currently out, but contrary to the general consensus, I actually like the look of the heat sink.  With that being said, the reference 290x cooler is rather noise under load but I will talk about that later on in the review.

There is also room for expansion with some extra PCI x16 slots although I wouldn’t recommend Cross firing the 290x without a beefier power supply.

Ignoring the little bit of dust which clearly shows the flaw in the front panel mesh for air flow, we have the HDD cage of the Ultra Fusion which has a Crucial 120GB M500 SSD for a boot drive and your most commonly access programmes and a 2TB SATA6GB/s Seagate HDD for storage/games etc.

Last but not least, we have the cable management which can really set apart a cheap looking build and a good quality one.  Cyberpower have done a good job with the cable management but I did have a little bit of trouble fitting the side panel back on; this is usually not a problem but it would have been nice if it slid back on with no resistance etc.


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