Ghost SpectreX System Review

Ghost SpectreX System Review 31

Introduction & Closer Look


Brand: Ghost
Model: SpectreX
UK Price: £1150 @ Amazon UK (At time of review)
US Price: N/A

Although Ghost is a relatively new brand to the world of computers and retail, their overall experience within the industry itself is staggering and should leave you no doubt that Ghost could potentially be one of the better known system builders within the UK. Obviously, experience doesn’t equate to anything more than know-how, but the component selection and overall value/performance are 2 key aspects which make a great gaming system, great!

Today we will be taking a look at their latest gaming system from their VR ready range; the SpectreX. The SpectreX itself is available in 3 different options currently and is based around the solid and stylish NZXT S340 chassis. Each flavour features the same specifications but offers different S340 colour options such as the Razer special edition case, the black and white versions. Today we will specifically be looking at the SpectreX which features the Razer special edition S340.

The most notable key feature of the NZXT S340 Razer edition case is the green LED accents throughout which also includes a green illuminated Razer logo at the front of the case when powered up. Although this is stylish and looks great in its own right, it can obviously limit the choice of components used in terms of colour matching; green isn’t a common colour used in regular components, although can find many modded systems featuring green parts.



The case aside, Ghost has included components such as the fantastic Intel Core i7 6700k (Skylake) processor which will handle virtually everything you throw at it due to the 4 core 8 thread design. Keeping this cool is the NZXT X61 Kraken AIO liquid cooler which features a 240mm (2 x 120mm) form factor as well as including 2 x 120mm fans in a push configuration. Also included is 16GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX memory which is rated at speeds of 2666MHz thanks to the XMP 2.0 profile included. Storage wise we have a single 120GB Kingston SSD which Windows 10 comes pre-installed onto, as well as 2TB of storage thanks to the Western Digital drive which has been included; perfect for all your files, documents, programs and games!


Powering the display (whichever you use) is a singular reference AMD RX 480 graphics card which is perfect for 1080p gaming and comes with a solid 8GB of GDDR5 memory. Powering the card and the rest of the components is the Corsair CX500 power supply which does the job it needs to do. Finally, all the components are plugged into the budget orientated ASUS Z170-P ATX motherboard and lit up by the fantastic NZXT Hue+ RGB LED controller.

Here we have the solid and stylish NZXT X61 Kraken AIO CPU cooler block and pump mounted onto the ASUS Z170-P motherboard; also the red Corsair Vengeance LPX memory.



With the lights out and the Ghost SpectreX powered up, we can see how the S340 Razer edition green LEDs and the NZXT Hue+ allow for customisation of the overall look of the system. The NZXT X61 Kraken CPU block also has the ability for customisation and all of this can be controlled via the NZXT CAM software which comes pre-installed for you. It should be noted the green case LEDs are not customisable.


From the front, the glowing NZXT S340 Razer logo does illuminate as we previously mentioned; looks good right?


The cable management inside the SpectreX is good, but it certainly could be a little better. The cable going across the rear of the motherboard could do with being tied down, but overall, it’s a decent job and it’s worth noting that the Corsair CX500 isn’t the easiest of power supplies to work with.


Let’s take a look at the full specification of the system and then see how it performs via our chosen benchmarks…

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