MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Pro Notebook Review



After some enjoyable time running benchmarks and getting to grips with the GT70 2QE Stealth Pro, I can safely say I think MSI have a winner on their hands but let us recap to find out why.

In terms of performance the GT70 2QE Stealth pro shines in graphically intense scenarios, this is now to say however, that it is lacking in compute related tasks, it just doesn’t quite shine as much there.  With a NVIDIA GTX 970M 3GB GPU powering this beast, it is easy to see why it does so well in gaming as well as other graphically intense tasks and considering it is paired with an Intel i7 Processor, you really shouldn’t have much trouble running just about anything on it. The Gt70 2QE Stealth Pro also features a 17″ 1080p screen, a pair of SSD’s in RAID and up to 16GB of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM to ensure all other tasks as easily completed on the notebook and while the main specialty may be gaming, there is no denying that this bad boy will also make a nice all-around workhorse.

Performance aside, the GT70 2QE Stealth Pro also comes chalk full of other goodies to help make the experience more enjoyable. It comes with Windows 8.1 and of course the Dragon Gaming and SteelSeries Engine applications to help user’s fine tune and tweak it to their preferred settings. For the gamer in you, it also comes with XSplit game caster so you can record and/or stream all your gameplay. MSI have done a fantastic job of making sure the applications on this notebook live up to and can match the performance it has to offer allowing for an all-around enjoyable experience.

Looking at the design and it is hard not to like it! The lid features what I would consider to be a gun metal greyish colour that absolutely looks amazing, especially when the light hits it just right! The GT70 2QE Stealth Pro is also the thinnest (at time of review) 17″ gaming laptop out, which is a very impressive feat all in its own considering the hardware that is packed inside. The dual fan cooling system is also more than adequate to keep temperatures in a safe range for those prolonged gaming sessions.

While performance and design are two very important things to consider when buying a new notebook, the value it has to offer still may be one of the main points atop a lot of consumers list. When it comes to the GT70 2QE Stealth Pro I feel it falls into a good price range, while it definitely designed for gaming and it shows, it is also an all-around good laptop that should meet most needs. The value it has to offer will come down to what you need a notebook for, if you just need to do some word processing and web browsing then the GT70 2QE Stealth Pro is definitely and will not offer you good value for the money. However, if you are looking for something that will handle the latest games out, allow you to do a bit of photo/video editing and has a great keyboard and impressive audio system built into it, than the GT70 2QE Stealth Pro will offer good value for the price. Coming in at just shy of £1,400 which by no means is cheap, the GT70 2QE Stealth Pro definitely has its NVIDIA GTX 970M Graphics Processor to thank for a lot of its performance and value, making it able to compete with older generation laptops costing almost twice as much!

When all is said and done if you are looking for a notebook to be able to bring with you, play games on and allow for a few other activities to be done on it without totally getting pissed off with a slow machine that just can’t handle it, the GT70 2QE Stealth Pro is an all-around well-rounded notebook and will fit the bill. Between the amazing hardware it is packing and the included applications and programs, the GT70 2QE Stealth Pro will be a great system for anyone who is constantly on the go.

I would like to thank MSI for sending in the GT70 2QE Stealth Pro and look forward to seeing what they will add to their gaming notebook range in 2015.





Great Laptop from MSI
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Very thin 17″ gaming notebook
– Amazing performance
– GTX 970M Graphics
– SteelSeries keyboard
– Did I mention it was thin?


– Fans can get a little loud when gaming

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