PC Specialist Dominator A10 AMD System Review 7

PC Specialist Dominator A10 AMD System Review

Up for review today is the Dominator A10 PC from PC Specialist. With a meagre price tag of £399, is it typical value AMD craftsmanship? Read the review...

MSI AG2712A All-In-One Review

Today I take a look at an all in one gaming system from MSI in the form of the AG2712. Aimed at the gaming scene, in a relatively small and convenient package, lets see how it stacks up to the full sized systems.

ZOTAC ZBOX EN760 Plus Review

In today's review, we'll be looking at another Zbox that looks to have it's own space in your living room too - the EN760 Plus.
Overclockers UK Ultima Finesse Blackhole System Review 25

Overclockers UK Ultima Finesse Blackhole System Review

Introducing the Ultima Finesse Blackhole gaming system from Overclockers UK. For a couple of £££ over £2000, is this your next system in waiting?

ZOTAC ZBOX Sphere OI520 Review

Today we'll be looking at the ZBOX Sphere OI520 - but with an SSD twist. ZOTAC have married an i5 and a gorgeous case with the aim of winning your living room and desk over.

MSI GT60 2PE Review

A review of MSI's latest 3K 15" gaming laptop - The GT60 2PE Dominator Pro...

Braebo Hercules AMD FM2+ System Review

The Braebo Computers Hercules AMD FM2+ system features the AMD A10 7800 APU and 8GB of DDR3 2133MHz memory which is aimed at gamers on a budget. Question is, does it really represent good value for money? Read on...

Gigabyte P27 Notebook Review

Today's review looks at the Gigabyte P27K gaming notebook which both an Intel i7 and Nvidia GTX 765M in it's 1080p graved chassis.

Cyberpower Ultra Fusion Review

In today's review, I took a look at the Cyberpower Ultra Fusion system featuring a R9 290x and the AMD FX-9590, how did it perform? Read on to find out...

Gigabyte P34 Review

Hot on the heels of the Gigabyte P27 we covered, today we'll be taking a look at the smaler and slimmer version in the form of Gigabyte's P34 gaming laptop.