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Now that my time has come to an end with the VR Ready Zoostorm StormForce Cyclone gaming PC, it’s time to summarise my opinions, feelings and of course, whether or not it’s a worthwhile purchase or not. Systems can sometimes be tricky to review because there are so many different factors and combinations of parts which although need to be judged on their own merits, get judged as a full package; and rightly so.

When you look at the overall system in terms of specification, i7, GTX 980, 16GB of memory and the SanDisk Z400S 256GB M.2 SSD, you know it’s going to be a monster for 1080p gaming; it even handles 1440p like a pro too. There are absolutely nothing wrong specifications wise that Zoostorm have chosen for the StormForce Cyclone, but more importantly, there is no apparent bottleneck. Some may criticise Zoostorm for not opting for the inclusion of the K version of the Intel Core i7, but I feel any extra cost involved in this system would detract from the overall package.

When compared against the PC Specialist Orion Nano, the Zoostorm StormForce Cyclone in my opinion beats it; in more ways than one. First of all, it has a meatier processor which means more grunt in CPU intensive games, secondly, the GTX 980 has a wider advantage overall, with the R9 Fury Nano only piping ahead in heavily AMD favoured games. The price different might not be a lot, but Zoostorm do what they do best; offer exceptional packages with fantastic value.

For £1149.97, you get one beast of a system for the money and not only does this represent really good value for money, but it’s a cracking all round performer. From the MSI GTX 980 and Intel Core i7 6770 to the epic SanDisk Z400S 256GB M.2 2280 SSD, this system is made complete with the NZXT H442. If I could make one change, it would be that terrible looking generic Crucial green PCB RAM; it really does detract a lot from the system’s overall look.

Overall it goes without saying that the Zoostorm StormForce Cyclone VR Ready gaming PC offers a lot for the money and when combined with a good choice of value friendly, but decent quality components and great cable management. Due to this, I am happy to award the Cyclone our Silver award. I would like to note that if Zoostorm were to change the memory from cheap generic green PCB to something more suitable for a system of this calibre (maybe an 80PLUS Bronze PSU also), then it would be pushing onto Gold.

Huge thanks to Zoostorm for sending in the StormForce Cyclone VR Ready gaming PC in for review!

The Play3r Silver Award

The Play3r Recommended Award

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Good performance all-around
– Great choice of storage with the SanDisk Z400S M.2 SSD and WD Blue 3TB HDD
– Fantastic cable management considering the use of a non-modular power supply
– The NZXT H442 is a beautiful case
– Represents decent value for money


– Memory choice really needs to be reconsidered; bare green PCB doesn’t cut it these days
– Power supply is adequate, but for over £1000, would expect better

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