Tt eSPORTS Isurus Pro In-Ear Gaming Headset Review 1

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  • Manufacturer: Thermaltake
  • Model: Tt eSPORTS Isurus Pro In-Ear
  • Price: £27.99 (At the time of review)

Today we will be taking a look at the Tt eSPORTS Isurus Pro In-ear Gaming Headset by Thermaltake, a sleek and compact piece of tech that performs well but with an affordable price tag!

Tt eSPORTS is a brand of competition peripherals by manufacturer Thermaltake, offering mice, keyboards, gaming headsets and other essentials you may need to become a professional gamer or to up your game when competing online. We will be focusing today on one of their world renowned and new products on the market that is said to be the worlds first in-ear gaming headset, something that brings together portability of in-ear headphones with the addition of a high powered microphone for competitive gaming.

With plenty of cool features, we will be dissecting the headset in order to review it in an easy to digest format and make sure what you get is really worth the money!

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