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Brand: ZOTAC
Model: GeForce GTX 770 AMP! Edition
RRP: £290 (At time of review)

The ZOTAC GTX 770 AMP! Edition graphics card is on our test bed today and we are going to find out how well it performs. While it is technically a new line up of graphics cards, there’s very little that has changed from the GTX 680 cards and in fact, it is just the same core with a speed bump and faster clocked memory. There’s a very subtle hint that proves it is just a GTX 680 under the hood. Do you have any idea what it may be? You’ll find out later on. Hopefully it’ll prove to be as much of a monster as we are expecting and tear through all of our benchmarks. Before we find out, let’s talk a bit more about the card.

The ‘AMP!’ product line from ZOTAC is one which has overclocked components out of the box. They are often clocked to insanely high clock speeds and offer some of the very best performance from the moment you put it into your system. The dual fan based cooler is also a quality constructed cooler which keeps the card cool and quiet at the same time. ZOTAC are also known for using premium quality components on their entire production line so you can be assured that they are built to last.

On-board the ZOTAC GTX 770 AMP! is one of NVIDIA’s GK104 GPUs that is clocked at 1150MHz with a 1202MHz boost clock and memory that operates at 1800MHz out of the box. It isn’t unheard of the VRAM being able to hit 2000MHz (8000MHz effective) so I hope to be able to obtain that in my testing but if not, it’s still looking to be a quick card. It only has 2GB of VRAM which has proven to be a little lacking in today’s games and 3GB is becoming the norm for most people getting into high-end PC gaming. Will this hold back the card or will it still be able to produce fantastic graphics without any VRAM limitations?

Is the ZOTAC GTX 770 AMP! worth its asking price of £290 or will it prove to be too expensive to be worth considering? There’s only really one real way to find out so let’s get on with the review by taking a look at its specifications and then look at the card itself before putting it through its paces in our benching suite.

What ZOTAC have to say about the GTX 770 AMP! Edition:

Amplify your gaming experience with the finely tweaked and tuned ZOTAC GeForce GTX 770 AMP! Edition. The ZOTAC GeForce GTX 770 AMP! Edition incorporates our world-class engineering to produce a lightning-fast graphics card that elevates performance and pushes the limits of visual realism for an unrivalled gaming experience. 

NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround technology enables the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 770 AMP! Edition to drive up to three displays for high-quality triple display gaming with immersive stereoscopic 3D effects. NVIDIA 3-Way SLI readiness lets the most demanding enthusiast gamers combine up to three ZOTAC GeForce GTX 770 AMP! Edition graphics cards for up to a 280-percent performance boost.

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