Brand: ZOTAC
Model:  ZBOX Nano XS AD13 PLUS
RRP: £225 (At time of the review)

The ZOTAC ZBOX Nano XS 13AD PLUS is a mini PC built around an AMD E1800 APU which runs at 1.7GHz and has a HD7340 GPU onboard for the graphical processing power. It has 2GB of RAM onboard with a 64GB solid state drive as storage, which is enough for your operating system and some programs. Both the RAM and the SSD can be upgraded with a larger capacity counterpart. With these specifications, it can run full 1080P video without a hitch and it can do this whilst being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It is 10.6cm x 10.6cm x 3.7cm, which when you take into consideration that there is an entire computer inside, is minuscule.

ZOTAC is an innovative company in my eyes and today I have a product in my hands that proves my point of view. Mini PCs, such as the one on test today. It’s just like when mini-ITX first became main-stream, it was ZOTAC who made it all happen and then other manufacturers to follow later down the line. It’s things like this which make a company stand out from the crowd and they deserve more credit than they actually get.

Claiming that such a small product can output full 1080P video without a hitch is something which will probably boggle the minds of a few people but it is my task to find out whether it can do it flawlessly or not. It is also designed for general web browsing from within your living room (or wherever you wish to use this product) in the comfort of your sofa.

Before we get into the review, lets take a quick look at the specifications and then open this little box of magic up.

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