Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review – SNAAAAAAAKEEEEE!


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Case – BitFenix Shinobi XL
Motherboard – MSI Z87-MPOWER MAX                                                                           CPU – Intel i7 4770K
RAM – Kingston Beast Series 16GB 2133mhz DDR3
GPU – OcUK GeForce GTX 970 4096MB GDDR5
PSU – Corsair TX850 850W
CPU Cooler – Corsair Hydro Series H100i All-In-One
SSD – OCZ Vertex 4 256GB
HDD – Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB Internal

Metal Gear Solid V plays like the best mix of MGS 4 and The Witcher 3, except obviously Geralt doesn’t run around with an assault rifle… My favourite part of the gameplay is the fact that this game is so much smoother than the past games, the new engine used for this title clearly played a part in this and this kind of gameplay is what attracts new players to the franchise too. You are given a new menu system which allows you to go in and edit both what you can unlock, but what you can unlock for your base which your group are situated at, you can also call in helicopters and supply drops, among other things. I found this a really cool addition, especially seeing that you can use the helicopter to drop you off at other places in the map, it does take time, though, so it’s a not so fast, fast travel I guess.

The way the missions are set out are in the main storyline missions and the side ops missions, I highly recommend playing the side missions too, though.  Playing all the missions I feel is a benefit because not only are they fun and useful for getting better with the gameplay, but they’re also beneficial, they can gain you the money needed to buy that next upgrade you want/need. You can use a spotting system with your binoculars which when used keeps a triangle tagged above their head until you either kill them/knock them out, or take the chopper and leave the area. This is a good and bad addition to the game because in one way it means you can keep a track of the enemies around you at all times, but it also makes it a little easier which isn’t always the best thing in the world. You do however have a choice not to use it and make it harder on yourself if that’s how you want to play the game yourself.

This is the first title in the franchise that sees you take on an open world environment, and by that I mean you’re playing in one big map rather than going through sections. It certainly can make it more of a challenge, before if you were in real trouble, you could leave the section and go back again as you pleased. This time, you have to get on your mode of transport and get out of dodge if you’re in trouble! A cool addition is the Phantom Cigar, which is basically an electronic cigar, and the Cardboard Box (which has many different versions). I think adding these two things in were almost something that was NEEDED, mostly because in the main franchise Snake can always smoke and hide in a cardboard box, and nothing has changed with this title.

Metal Gear Online has been postponed for PC until January 2016, but going by the gameplay in the base game, I see a lot of potential for what will happen in the online game. It is set to include two multiplayer modes. What has caused controversy though is that the online will include microtransactions, but it is apparently an accelerator for players who don’t complete the game rather than a pay to win set up like in a lot of games with microtransactions.


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