Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review – SNAAAAAAAKEEEEE!


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Audio and Graphics

Snake’s character is a bit of a controversial subject to any MGS fans like myself, the legendary David Hayter was not asked back for what I see as a pivotal voice. Instead, Kiefer Sutherland was brought in to provide the voice, which I will be honest, I don’t mind all that much, I believe he has done a good job as taking on a big role. Troy Baker was brought in to play Ocelot which I certainly believe he did a great job with though I think he’s good enough to take the role of Snake himself and if Hayter was to be replaced by anyone, he would likely be my main choice. The NPC’s throughout the game were also voiced very well along with the main cast of characters, the sounds throughout the game are also top notch and this isn’t something I can fault in any way.


Graphically this is a hell of a beautiful game to behold, this game not only contends with The Witcher 3, but to be honest, I think it narrowly passes it by. The sheer amount of detail put into this game from the character models to the rock-face you go past and don’t go near again for the rest of the game. I feel it actually runs smoother than most new games, I’ve run it on ultra on my card with no problems from what I’ve seen, and trust me, this is a game where many hours have been sank. The character model for Snake is what probably pleased me the most, a hell of a lot of detail was put in to make him look like a grizzled veteran who’s been severely injured too.


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