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ID Cooling Frostflow 280 feature

ID-Cooling Frostflow+ 280 AIO Cooler Review

ID-Cooling has expanded its range of AIO CPU coolers with the launch of the Frostflow+ series. Today we have the pleasure of putting the 280mm variant through its paces.
ASUS TUF X299 MARK 1 Motherboard Review

ASUS TUF X299 MARK 1 Motherboard Review

Like your motherboards TUF & rugged? Then read our latest review on the new ASUS TUF X299 MARK 1 motherboard with a generous layer of great looking gunmetal grey TUF thermal armor...

Cube iPlay 10 Review – 10″ Android Tablet For Under £80

Up for review today is a budget focused 10" Android tablet, the Cube iPlay 10 available for £75.67 which puts it in a very good position in terms of affordability.
drevo calibur featured image

Drevo Calibur 72 Key Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard

The first product to reach me from Drevo is the Calibur, quite an interesting keyboard in that it includes Bluetooth connectivity alongside a normal cabled mode
NZXT Kraken G12 GPU Review

NZXT Kraken G12 Review | AIO GPU Cooling

Today's review for the Kraken G12 from NZXT explores the option for mounting an AIO cooler to your GPU. Read on for my findings after I tested the water.
be quiet! SFX L Power 500w Review (2)

be quiet! SFX-L Power 500w Review

On the test bench is one of the latest SFX focused products from be quiet!, the SFX-L Power 500w power supply. How does it compare with other brands on the market?

Speedlink Fortus Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The Speedlink Fortus will have to live up to some strenuous use while managing accuracy and decent battery life as gaming sessions demand endurance.

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BIOSTAR gaming-mining feature

BIOSTAR Announces Ultimate Mining and Gaming Solutions

BIOSTAR introduces AMD Radeon RX VEGA 56 and BIOSTAR Racing B350 series as the ultimate gaming and mining combination solution.
Enermax 1200W Feature

New Flagship PSU Series’ from Enermax

ENERMAX announces the market launch of the new flagship 750W-1250W power supply series MaxTytan and the new 750W-1200W models of Platimax D.F. series.
gaming habits feature

Game on: New Survey Reveals The Extent of America’s Love Affair With Video Games

Online hosting providers Westhost, recently carried out research into America’s gaming habits which revealed what it is about gaming they enjoy so much.

Gold Rush Modded PC and Alphacool/Aquatuning Shipping Debacle

A little bit of sad news to break to you folks today with Craig Ferrie's Gold Rush Modded PC and Alphacool/Aquatuning Shipping Debacle a damaged custom PC.

Overclockers UK Introduce New Hydra Brand Products

Hydra is a rising brand in the world of computer technology, and their ATX and glass-topped desk chassis are available now at Overclockers UK.

Top 5 Stunning Mobile Gaming Devices

Have you ever considered what the best mobile gaming experience is? We have come up with our Top 5 Gaming Gadgets ever for their specs, features and looks.
Play3r Logo Featured

We Are Recruiting New Blood To Join Our Family

We are looking to expand our editorial/review team here at Play3r. If you're interested and have ever wanted to get into the industry, click and read on!