Best Cheap 16GB USB Flash Drive: An 11-Drive Roundup

To find the best cheap 16GB USB flash drive we’re testing 11 drives under £5 in performance, packaging, power consumption and - unexpectedly - capacity.
Datalocker Sentry K300 seen from the front with the connector visible, and the cap separate

DataLocker Sentry K300 Review – 64GB Encrypted USB 3.1 Drive

Armed with a screen, the DataLocker Sentry K300 takes ease of use for an encrypted USB drive to the next level. Read on for benchmarks and analysis...
datAshur-PRO2-1 Feature

iStorage datAshur Pro2 USB 3.2 128GB Encrypted Flash Drive Review

We have taken a look at a couple of encrypted storage devices from iStorage and now we get to review the iStorage datAshur Pro2 USB 3.2 128GB flash drive.

Kingmax KE31 480GB Portable SSD Review

Kingmax brings us the KE31. This ominous-sounding item is an unbelievably small portable SSD that comes in a tiny package weighing just 35 grams as well as utilising full speed USB3.1 speeds!
iStorage diskAshur Pro2 feature

iStorage diskAshur PRO2 USB 3.1 Ultra Secure HDD Review

The iStorage diskAshur PRO2 is an ultra-secure, PIN authenticated hard drive. Having won every security industry award going, we were excited to take a look.
Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 250GB SSD Review

Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD Review

Gav returns from the dead to review the brand new Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB SSD. It's NVMe which means it's really fast and it looks to make V-Nand SSDs much more competitive with a global fall in SSD prices.

Drevo X1 Pro 64GB SSD Review

With SSD prices showing no signs of coming down in the near future, we take a look at a budget option in the form of the X1 Pro 64GB from Drevo.
Crucial BX300 480GB feature

Crucial BX300 480GB SSD Review

Today we take a look at Crucial’s new line of SSD, and the successor to the BX200 series… perhaps unsurprisingly, this is the BX300 series!
iStorage DiskAshur2 1TB Review

iStorage DiskAshur2 USB 3.1 Encrypted HDD Review

How much of a price can you put on keeping your documents 'safe' from other users? Well, iStorage reckon around £220 for a 1TB USB 3.1 portable drive and we put our tin foil hat on to see if they are bang on. Read our diskAshur2 review now...
Drevo X1 Pro 256GB SSD 1

Drevo X1 Pro 256GB SSD Review

I took a closer look at the Drevo X1 Pro 256GB SSD and put it through its paces. Is the X1 Pro 256GB the best value SSD on the market? Read the review now and find out!