Play3r Awards

Here at Play3r, we take our awards system seriously and refuse to be bullied by peer pressure in terms of our opinion; this means when a particular product receives an award, it firmly deserves it in the eye of the particular reviewer/editor. Below we have a list of our awards and what each award represents:


Bronze is usually given to a product that doesn’t particularly wow, but really still fits in well with the overall ethos of the intention of the product. Such as a cooler that lacks design value but might still perform well enough to warrant a purchase. Usually, products with the Bronze award are ones that we feel with some improvement, would be serious contenders in their respective markets.



A silver award signifies that a product has a lot going for it, performs well, and looks good but doesn’t have that “edge” to quite give it a gold award; normally lacking in one particular area which is detrimental to the product in a way which allows other products to shine brighter.



If you see a product laden with our gold award, you know it’s the bee’s knees. Only reserved for products which combine performance, price and design to the point where the product should seriously be considered for purchase.


It doesn’t matter what it costs, what it looks like or what it actually is, platinum awarded products signify that it is the best of the best in their current line, range or field. For example, a Ferrari in a car park full of Ford Fiestas.


Editor’s Choice

The editor’s choice award is given to products that a Play3r deems worthy of a personal purchase; one that the editor in question would spend their own money on buying. Pretty much the ultimate endorsement of a product aside from our platinum award.



Awarded to products that provide exceptional performance in their respective field. For example, a cooler that for its price point leaves the competition trailing or is just a generally awesome performing product.



Design can be a combination of things, aesthetics, features or a mixture of both factors; Design is all about style and technology being used to their potential.


Value is probably the most self-explanatory of all the awards; it is given to products which show extraordinary value for money but are not just limited to budget products, this can be higher-end products with features way above their price point.



Shhhhhhh, it’s silent and that is exactly what the quiet award signifies; products which deliver silent or near silent qualities; near silent being questionable to everyone’s ears but in these cases, a dB meter is used to measure ambient sound vs the product to give a more accurate representation.