Thermaltake CTE C750 TG ARGB Snow Review

Thermaltake has introduced a new CTE Form Factor which rotates the entire PC 90 degrees internally and there was plenty of space which made installing components inside it a good, simple experience.

Thermaltake View 300 MX (Snow) Case Review

Thermaltake bring the View 300 MX Snow case to the review table, sporting swappable front panels for Airflow preferences, two large 200mm RGB fans and some useful design features.

Thermaltake Ceres 500 TG ARGB Case & LCD Panel Kit Review

The launch price is £160, at the time of the review, which puts this case on the more expensive side. But once you factor in the design aesthetic, and the four CT140 ARGB fans the price is great, competing hard against other Thermaltake cases in the price range.
Thermaltake Core P3 TG Pro Feature

Thermaltake Core P3 TG Pro Review

An excellent option for someone who wants to display their components in their own unique layout, just be aware that there's no fans, no riser cables and a confusing install guide that will need to be navigated as it arrives flat packed.

Thermaltake Divider 500 TG Air Snow Case Review

Touching on aesthetics, the Divider 500 TG Air Snow is a fine-looking case overall, and with black and white, or in this case "snow", there are yet more options for colour choices both internally, with parts choices, and externally.
kolink big chungus feat img

Kolink Big Chungus Showcase Chassis Review

Kolink have sent the Big Chungus Showcase a jaunty angled behemoth for showing off flashy custom builds, a little strange they named it after a meme.
Sahara Sea God H600b Featured Image

Sahara Sea God H600b Case Review

Today I have the Sahara Sea God H600b case on my desk, promising airflow and higher quality lets see what their latest chassis is like.

Gamerstorm Macube 310P Video Review

DeepCool's gaming division GamerStorm is here with today's offering and it's the Macube 310P. A visually stunning mid-tower available in white and black, with magnetic side panels including a 3mm tempered glass panel to view your components.
sahara c500 Featured Image

Sahara C500B Fan Kits and R20 CPU Cooler Review

On my workbench today I have the new C500B Case, two of the available fan kits Pirate Duo Rings and Typhoon 14 along with the R20 CPU cooler which includes a fan/RGB controller.
ThermalTake Level 20 GT ARGB Review -

Thermaltake Level 20 GT ARGB Video Review

Today's review covers Thermaltake's Level 20 GT ARGB. Featuring ARGB fans with a controller which connects to all popular motherboard manufacturers that offer 5v ARGB header support. All packaged up in the popular Level 20 GT case that we have seen once before on the site.