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What Are The Different Types Of Online Games?

There are many different types of online gamers. There are those who play as much as possible and those who play once in a...
A Navi 21 "big navi" die, as used in the RX 6800, 6800 XT and 6900 XT

AMD Launch “Big Navi” Lineup: Radeon Responds

AMD have finally announced "Big Navi" - the RX 6800, 6800 XT and 6900 XT (nice) are positioned directly against Nvidia's Ampere lineup.
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Mobile Sports Betting Guide – All You Need to Get Started

Technology has transformed the world of sports betting, making it more convenient. In the past, punters had to travel to a local sportsbook to...


COLORFUL have launched their new WARHALBERD and CVN Guardian DDR4 modules. Unusually, the WARHALBERD modules use DDR4 chips made by CXMT.
An AMD slide declaring planned support for AM4 to 2020

B450 Zen 3 Update: Estimated Date Given for BIOSes

AMD have provided an update on the process of making B450 and X470 motherboards compatible with new "Zen 3" processors and set a date.

Google Rolls Out Another Update for Their Besieged Pixel Buds

Google isn’t exactly having the best of it with their Pixel Buds. Supposedly set to change the game as far as personal in-ear audio...

AMD Zen 3 Announcement: AMD Claim Every Crown

AMD have made their Zen 3 Announcement, claiming surprisingly quick performance with a surprisingly quick 25-minute video.

Microsoft Purchase Bethesda For $7.5 Billion To Boost Xbox

Microsoft Corp. said Monday it plans to acquire ZeniMax Media Inc., owner of the storied video-game publisher Bethesda Softworks, for $7.5B.
A picture of a kidney, an equals sign, an RTX 3090 and a question mark

Opinion: Don’t Sell Your Kidney For An RTX 3090

With Nvidia's latest top-end GPU costing a massive $1500, Michael lays out why he thinks you shouldn't sell your kidney for an RTX 3090

IKEA Partner With ASUS ROG For ‘Affordable’ Gaming Furniture

IKEA teams up with Republic of Gamers (ROG) to develop a new range of affordable gaming furniture and accessories to bring the gaming experience at home to a new level.