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[section_title title=Closer Look – Interior]Closer Look –¬†Interior

Getting to the fun part and it’s time to start taking things apart. This is a look at the top with out the vented panel attached. As you can see there is room for a 240mm radiator in either chamber, though if you want to put it in the second chamber you will need to remove the hard drive cages which is easily enough done. If water cooling isn’t your thing you could also just add some fans for a bit better airflow throughout the case.

Fractal Design Node 804 6

Having a look inside from the main chamber and there is plenty of room and options to make sure users are getting the most out of the Node 804 and have an enjoyable experience. If you look closely you can see room for up to 5x fans in the main chamber alone! There is also a nice cutout to help make switching CPU coolers/installation a bit easier and plenty of room to pass cables from the front chamber to the rear and vice versa.

Fractal Design Node 804 7

When looking through the cutout in the motherboard tray we can see the hard drive cages as well as the pre-installed fan in the back of the case. in the front of the case we can see another included fan and the fan controller which is easily removed by taking out 2 screws if it is not required.

Fractal Design Node 804 8

On the bottom of the main chamber are a couple of hard drive mounts. While these are meant to hold either 2x 3.5″ or 2.5″ hard drives I have a feeling it would be more than easy enough to throw some fans down there for some more airflow!

Fractal Design Node 804 9

On the front of the main chamber is place for 2x fans, 1 of which comes pre-installed. Also removing the front panel will give access to the dust filter when it comes time to clean it.

Fractal Design Node 804 10

As we can see on both chambers can house 2x fans on the front and come with separate dust filters per each chamber. Fractal Design did not cut any corners when it came to making sure the Node 804 offered optimal air flow and cooling features.

Fractal Design Node 804 11 Fractal Design Node 804 12

Taking a look from the rear chamber and while it may not be as fun as the front there is still a bit going on here. On the top we have the 2x hard drive cages which can each hold up to 4x 3.5″ drives. There is also a pre-installed fan in the rear chamber with room for more, plus a bottom mounted PSU which has a dust filter on the bottom of the case and also a couple of velcro straps that one would assume are to help hold cables down and out of the way, again to allow for better air flow and a bit of tidiness.

Fractal Design Node 804 13 Fractal Design Node 804 14 Fractal Design Node 804 15

Stripping the case down to it’s skeleton form and we can see most of the options the case has to offer. Plenty of space for fans, radiators and hard drives galore if that is your thing! If not, Fractal Design have made it easy to use the Node 804 for more of a simplistic build if you desire.

Fractal Design Node 804 18

As you have previously seen the Node 804 comes down and can be stripped to pretty much just its frame. You can remove the front, top and both side panels and it also has 4x dust filters which are all individually removable for easy cleaning.

Fractal Design Node 804 19


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