Fractal Design Node 804 Review


[section_title title=Installation]Installation

Installing hardware into the Node 804 was a piece of cake, partially due to the fact of it’s dual chamber design and the fact Fractal Design did a great overall job and made it just about as modular as it can be, without having to flat pack it and make it require assembly.

Having the hard drives and power supplies in the secondary chamber is a great plus in my mind, it makes it easier to get everything installed and just gives it a more overall clean look once finished. As this is designed for smaller motherboards there can be a bit of a learning curve if you have not installed an m-ITX or m-ATX board before but these are not so much down to the case as it is learning where things are on the motherboard and remembering that when it comes time to build with it.

What I did personally was take off both side panels, the front and top as well as removed the hard drive cages. Getting the Node 804 down to the bare frame was the easiest way I could imagine to do things and it worked out great. Even things like installing the Corsair H80i, which can be a pain in some bigger cases was easy enough to do like this, overall a very enjoyable experience.

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