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Januarys mod of the month has to go to a Parvum case, not just any Parvum case though. This is one of a few “Limited edition” or on order only cases. It’s dimensions are very similar to the smaller XT1.0 however you can mount  a 240mm radiator at the top with plenty of space to get the build look clean. Parvum have really reinvented the game when it comes to cases, and this is just a beautiful example of a clean build. Not to mention it’s utilizing some of the latest hardware.. making this a beast not to be messed with.

I have to give it to HackJoe, this is one incredibly clean build. You can find the build log over on the Bit tech forums:  Thanks for sharing all the hard work! Was a very enjoyable project log.

parvum-itx-jackjoe parvum-ITX-inlay Parvum ITX black and white Parvum-ITX


Don’t forget to credit the original owner of this gorgeous build! Over on Bit tech here.

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