12 is Better Than 6, has reached its goal

Saint Petersburg, Russia – October 6, 2015 – Ink Stains Games are pleased to announce that their Kickstarter for classic Western inspired 12 is Better Than 6, has successfully reached its main goal!

“With 12 is Better Than 6 now funded, it means that our life long dream will now become a reality and we can share our love of classical western movies and action games with the world!”  said Anton Grischenko, lead programmer at Ink Stains Games.  “We have a few days left for our campaign, and we can still reach some of the stretch goals and then maybe we get to have a vodka shot or two to celebrate.”

Inspired by the likes of Miami Hotline, Ink Stains Games’ 12 is Better Than 6 is a tale of bloody revenge, depicted in beautifully hand-drawn visuals with a dramatic soundtrack to complement the action on screen.

There’s still time to back the GreenLight approved game and help it reach some of the stretch goals they have planned, such as new extra levels to the game, more cutscenes, and expanded soundtrack and even a co-op mode!

So, what are you waiting for Gringo?

To be judged by 12 means that you get to go to court, where you’ll be judged by a jury of 12 people who will ultimately decide upon your fate.

To be carried by 6 is to be dead. Why? You see, it is common for 6 people to carry a coffin (3 people on each side) to and from the hearse.

Our hero would rather kill someone and go to jail for it than be killed and have to be buried.

12 is Better Than 6 Kickstarter

About Ink Stains Games

Ink Stains Games – a small independent game studio, consisting of three people – each experts in their field.  Passionate, hard working and are striving to develop their first game, dynamic top-down kill-everyone shooter.

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