Microsoft has developed a touch screen with haptic feedback, which by calculating the resistance on the users fingertip can even give an accurate feel of the weight, surface and shape of objects displayed on screen.

This is achieved by the monitor actually pushing back on the users fingertips when they use the screen. For instance if the user is pushing down the robotic arm pulls the screen back in a smooth movement, doing the reverse if your pulling away.

Not only can it do this, but the screen can physically contour to match a shape, giving phenomenal potential to actually being able to, for example, feel the ball which you can see on screen.

There are many different applications of this, from allowing doctors to physically explore a scan to giving gamers a new level of immersion on certain games. Although I can’t imagine at this time of any touch based games that would add immersion by actually being able to feel it, but that may be because the technology was never available to be developed on.

Overall I have high hopes for this sort of technology and hope that it can be made cheaply enough that it will be available to the general public on a vast number of devices, only the future can tell is that though.

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