4K Netflix has until now only been available on PC to users with a KabyLake architecture CPU, however this limit has been put in place in order to confirm with strict DRM requirements, rather than lack of processing power. This has now finally come to end though, Nvidia has pulled all the stops out to enable 4K Netflix on its GTX 10 Series GPUs (GTX 1060 and above). Ok it’s not quite as simple as that, there are quite a few steps to carry out though, but nothing that should be a real problem.
The requirements to enable 4K Netflix playback with a 10 series Nvidia GPU:

  • NVIDIA Driver version exclusively provided via Microsoft Windows Insider Program (currently 381.74).
  • NVIDIA Pascal based GPU, GeForce GTX 1050 or greater with minimum 3GB memory.
  • HDCP 2.2 capable monitor(s).
  • Microsoft Edge browser or Netflix app from the Windows Store.
  • Approximately 25Mbps (or faster) internet connection.

Single or multi GPU multi monitor configuration

Should you be rocking a multi monitor configuration and wish to utilise 4K Netflix, streaming will happen only if all the active monitors meet the HDCP2.2 requirements. Should any of your active monitors not be HDCP2.2 capable, you will be downgraded to 1080p quality streaming.

So there we go, if you’re running an older generation Intel CPU or an AMD system you now have a way to watch UHD 4K Netflix.

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