AMD 300 GPU Series Speculation 2

Speculation at the moment is rife with the news that AMD’s 300 series GPU’s are coming into fruition. I for one am very excited to see what the AMD graphics team bring to the table. Including the table below. However, I need to point that it is still “speculation” at this point and specs should be taken with a “yeah, maybe, would be nice” attitude.

It also appears that some re-branding may be in order too and, to be honest, is probably correct. When does a GPU manufacturer not re-brand a product that it has sold large units of in the past?


I personally have quite high hopes for the new AMD range of GPU’s. On the whole, AMD CPU’s haven’t always lived up to the hype that comes with a new product but ATI’s heritage of making some excellent GPU’s continues on under the AMD branding today. The 280/X and 290/X are still excellent cards today and come with 8GB refreshes making them very viable options for 4K gaming more than ever.

With AMD jumping on the 970 wagon they are setting themselves up for a huge assault from Nvidia if the new Fiji GPU’s don’t deliver, but with impressive specifications like the above, the result can and probably will be well received.

Source – Videocardz


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