ASUS has announced the ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware kit, the smart video-conferencing solution that enables stunning HD visuals. The package includes the compact ASUS Chromebox 2 computer powered by up to an Intel ® Core ™ i7 processor, and a 4K UHD camera with a wide 120º field of view — with auto-zoom technology to keep the images focused on relevant participants.

ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware kit also comes with a touchscreen control panel for one-touch meeting management and a high-quality speaker mic box that employs echo-cancellation and noise-suppression technologies to deliver crystal-clear audio. Additional speaker mics can be easily daisy-chained to ensure that everyone in a larger room can hear and be heard. ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware kit improves team efficiency through real-time collaboration, making it the perfect choice for the modern workplace.

Wide-view 4K UHD camera, audio-enhancing speaker mic and one-touch controls ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware kit’s 4K UHD camera captures crisp visuals and a 120° field of view to ensure that everyone gets in to the shot — with a coverage that extends to 250 square feet. The auto-zoom employs advanced machine-learning techniques to automatically detect participants, then intelligently zooms and frames the picture around them to keep the focus on the active participants. It also stays focused on the relevant attendees when people join or leave the meeting, minimizing distractions to maximize productive discussion.

A unique speaker mic is also part of the ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware kit package. Featuring advanced echo-cancellation and noise-suppression technologies, this compact box of tricks ensures clear audio for all. No external power is required for a single unit, so it’s easy to set up calls from anywhere. Multiple speaker mics can be daisy-chained to extend coverage to all corners of a large room.

Completing the ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware kit is a touchscreen control panel. This bright, clear 10.1-inch screen enables video meetings to be joined or launched instantly, with a single tap. The controller also has a built-in HDMI port, enabling the easy local sharing of presentations or similar content.

Easy access for up to 50 participants, plus unique dial-in number for every meeting

ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware kit enables HD video-conferencing with up to five cameras active at any one time, and a total of up to 50 active participants. Access to meetings is facilitated by a unique website URL, with no dedicated accounts or plug-ins required — so invitees need only to click the link to enter the meeting. To make it easy for offline users to take part in the discussion ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware kit creates a unique dial-in telephone number and PIN for each meeting. Invited parties can also join via a single tap on a Google Calendar entry.

Designed for enterprise, with automatic updates and security ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware kit is the perfect solution for enterprise, delivering simple and instant collaboration. It takes just one click to join a video conference, or start one spontaneously via the touchscreen control panel. It’s easy to schedule or join a meeting directly from Google Calendar, and participants can share screens remotely.

ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware kit is easy to set up and updates automatically, so it always has the latest security fixes to keep itself safe from viruses and other malware. Real-time authorization and central management of meeting participants also ensure conferences are secure.

ASUS Chromebox 2 (CN62)
Chromebox 2 is the compact computing innovation made to enhance our modern digital lives, and it is the hub that brings together the ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware kit video-conferencing solution. Powered by an up to Intel Core i7 processor and with support for 4K UHD video, Chromebox 2 also offers dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi and extensive connectivity options that allow the device to be connected to multiple displays simultaneously. Chromebox 2 is even VESA-mountable, so it can be easily attached to the back of a monitor or HDTV for a clean, tidy setup.


Availability & Pricing
ASUS Hangouts Meet hardware kit will be available early November. Hardware only (excluding the license) priced at £2,238.00 inc. VAT. Please contact Kieran Vora ( for sales queries.

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