Roulette is a gambling game derived from a French word meaning “little wheel.” Biribi, an Italian game, inspired what today is referred to as roulette. During the 18th century, roulette was invented in France.

The roulette game is more popular in the casino sector. After being in the gambling industry for a long time, it is slowly taking over on mobile platforms.

There are many mobile roulette apps to enjoy this game on. But are these mobile roulette apps safe? Mobile roulette apps are safe to use if they meet the following criteria:

Support Both iOS and Android

With the new technology developments, gone are the days when roulette could only be played on computers. From the comfort of your couch, with some cool music, you can enjoy playing roulette on your android or iOS device.

Besides support for android and iPhone, also ensure your mobile casino supports these features:


Mobile roulette is a convenient way to enjoy playing this game on your mobile phone. Are you traveling? Enjoying your vacation? Without geographical restrictions, you can play mobile roulette anywhere as long as you have internet access.


Mobile roulette is designed for small screen; thus, it has few buttons to use when playing. It is easy to master the few buttons needed to play the game. Even if you are a beginner, this is the best casino game to introduce to your mobile device.

Security and Safety

There are a variety of mobile roulette apps to choose from in the play store. But how will know the app is safe? Before downloading any app from Google Play, ensure you go through the users rating and reviews to know more about the app.

Nowadays, developers are putting more effort in mobile roulette compared to the online roulette. The result is modern online mobile roulette has many features compared to traditional roulette.

History of Mobile Roulettes

The invention of mobile roulette is still new. But it has proven to be the new development taking over the online casino industry. Most users have shifted to mobile roulette in recent years because it is easy to access and convenient for players.

In the early days of online casinos, casino games like roulette were only available through downloading. This meant that, to enjoy playing roulette, you needed to install the program only on your computer. It was only enjoyable for players who had computers and used Windows.

In recent days, there has been rapid growth in the casino industry. Casino games became easy to access from a web browser at casino sites. Players could enjoy roulette without the need to install the program.

With the new technology development in the casino sector, players could access these games like roulette by using their work or friends’ computers. As technology keeps advancing, mobile roulette keeps advancing too.

Best Roulette Strategies

Choosing the kind of roulette strategy will depend on your playing style. Some of these strategies are easy and include betting, but just for smaller winnings. Others need a huge bankroll and are more aggressive.

It is advisable to master the rules of roulette, and regardless of your strategy, the roulette casino will always have a gap.

Here are some of the best roulette strategies to consider:

Martingale– Best strategy for winning high prizes.

Labouchere– Best strategy for playing RNG roulette most at online casinos.

Fibonacci– This strategy works well when playing live dealers roulettes.

D’Alembert– For roulettes tables with low-risks, this is considered as the best strategy.

Parlay– Best for high winnings.

Paroli– This strategy is best for beginners in playing roulettes

There are other best strategies to implement when playing roulette for the sake of winning.

Best Mobile Roulette Apps

In the past few years, casinos have been trying to come up with new ways to enable players to easily access their games. For several years, mobile games and mobile roulette have consistently appeared on casino websites.

Initially, these mobile roulette games were difficult, complicated, and few in number. With the new technological developments, these games have increased and made it easier to play. Mobile roulette now has the same features as any other roulette game in casinos. Here are some mobile roulette apps:

  • LeoVegas
  • Mansion Casino
  • 888casino
  • William Hill
  • 32Red
  • Casino Action

With the high number of developers increasing especially in countries like Canada, the number of mobile roulettes apps will keep shooting.

Playing Mobile Roulettes 

Playing mobile roulette is pretty simple, even for beginners. Once you choose a mobile casino, the next step is to register to get your own account. Once verified, the user is granted access to the mobile casino website through any portable device.

Most of the mobile roulettes are designed in such a way to be compatible with most of the portable devices like mobiles and tablets, mostly based on Windows, iOS, and Android. When one wants to make money by playing mobile roulette, the user is required to make a deposit to be granted access to the real-money services.

Mobile roulette versions have different deposit methods suitable for most users. Once a user makes the first deposit, the latter is given an opportunity to place their bets on the mobile roulette game of their choice. It is important to note that some options that are on the online casinos’ mobile roulettes cannot be found on the mobile roulettes.

The game play in this mobile roulette is just like the ones in land-based casinos. One is just supposed to navigate the web-browser on the portable devices. Once the mobile roulette game finishes loading, players will be able to place their bets on the casino.

Final Thoughts

Mobile roulette growth is increasing in the gambling sector. New developments in technology have a great impact on the gambling sector, such as mobile roulette. In the future, the number of roulette players is expected to shift to mobile roulette. The launch of new mobile roulettes is also expected to rise as most app developers are shifting their focus to mobile roulettes from other roulette versions.

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