Amsterdam, November 8th 2013 – Since the early 2000’s Club 3D has been best known for our high performance, high quality discrete graphics cards.

Over the years however we have expanded our product range with specific enthusiast components like soundcards, TV tuner cards but also accessories like cables and adapters.

In 2011 we have launched a range of high performance Switching Power Supplies capable of powering multiple (high-end) GPU’s while being silent and energy efficient at the same time due to their 80-Plus Bronze and Silver certification. As technology advances, the price of electricity rises and consumers become more aware of their carbon footprint, demand grows for more even more energy efficient Switching Power Supplies.

So we are proud to announce today our first 80 Plus Gold certified Club 3D Power Supplies, with 700 Watts and 1000 Watts capacity.

The 80-Plus Gold certification means up to 92% energy efficiency.

These semi modular power supplies have been specifically designed to provide the most consistent and efficient performance for your single or multi GPU set-up.

They are fitted with large diameter, low RPM, temperature controlled fans operating nearly silent.

One of the key features to assure consistent performance is the capacity of the PSU’s 12 volt rails which provide the power to your GPU(s).

The 700 Watts CSP-D700CG has 4 12 Volt rails offering 30 Amperes Max. Output Current while the 1000 Watts CSP-X1000CG has 4 12 Volt rails with 36 Amperes.

This high 12 Volt capacity ensures compatibility with the latest PC-technology and is ready for current and next generation multi-CPU and GPU platforms including AMD CrossFire and Nvidia SLI configurations.

Link to: product page for the CSP-D700CG

Link to: product page for the CSP-X1000CG

Link to: 80-Plus Plug Load Solutions website

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