A CPU-Z screenshot is circling the web showing a single stick of DDR3 being overclocked to over 4GHz, a feat never before seen in the world of overclocking. There is no word exactly on what CPU architecture was used for this overclock, what we do know is that it is either Haswell or Richland as it is from one of the upcoming platforms.

The more probable of the two would be Haswell as it has already shown to scale very well under sub zero conditions whilst also having a very strong¬†integrated memory controller. The screenshot also shows that a memory multiplier of 1:11 was used, that means the CPU was running a FSB of 183MHz. This would mean that Haswell users are making good use of the higher FSB straps that come with the Haswell CPU’s which allow for more freedom in overclocking the CPU’s.

The screenshot has been confirmed as true and is very promising for the extreme overclockers who will want to get the most out of every aspect of their system. Expect many more 4GHz results to be made soon as the CPU has not been released yet, so many overclockers have not had any experience with it yet. We expect the more experienced overclockers such as Christian Ney and AndreYang to push to beat this soon, so we may see a 4.1GHz validation very soon.


Source : HWBot

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