eBay has announced that later today it will begin to ask all of its users to change their passwords. There was a cyberattack in which some employee log-in credentials were stolen and could be used to access a database containing encrypted password and other non-financial information.

At this time Ebay is reporting the database was compromised between February and March and contained; customer names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth. It is said the database did not contain financial information or any other confidential personal information.

Whether or not financial information was directly stolen it goes without saying those who launched the cyberattacks surely have more than enough information to do some damage. eBay is currently “Working with law enforcement and leading security experts, the company is aggressively investigating the matter and applying the best forensics tools¬†and practices to protect customers.”

For the whole storey, head on over to the eBay Corporate site : http://www.ebayinc.com/in_the_news/story/ebay-inc-ask-ebay-users-change-passwords

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