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ENERMAX is proud to bring the latest fan innovation for the PC cooling market, the TwisterPressure. This new fan uses a high-pressure blade design which enhances the cooling performance and is the ideal choice for CPU coolers and any applications with dense grills. The TwisterPressure fan features APS PWM, a Twister Bearing design, and is one of the few world leading fans that can run at 85 degrees Celsius consistently.

High Pressure Blades Design
High Pressure Blade design is a precision engineering of the blade angle and shape calculation. The blades centralize dispersed airflow to the center of the fan and create extremely high air pressure, high airflow while maintaining outstanding quietness.

APS (Adjustable Peak Speed) PWM
Patented APS control allows users to adjust their preferred fan peak speed by shifting the speed control at the fan hub. The range of the speed would be regulated automatically by PWM (Pulse-width modulation), with options of 500~1200/1500/1800. Therefore, the fan will run on a pre-set RPM range of customized performance between cooling performance and silent operation.

Twister Bearing
Patented Twister Bearing with magnetic bearing technology allows friction-free and self-lubricating rotation on our unique patented structure design. Such bearing design permits the fan to operate at extreme silence and for prolonged operation with industry leading MTBF of up to 160,000 hours. Twister bearing also has a quick fan detachment design for cleaning and maintenance.


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