Paris, July 28th – French / Swedish Indie studio, LightBulb Crew, today unveil more details about the persistent aspect of the science fiction universe of Games of Glory; the Synarchy. This universe is in constant evolution. Numerous species organized in political and economic factions fight without mercy for their supremacy, through outstanding battle arenas the Games of Glory.

Embodying one of the powerful Clones, the player will impact this eternal battle for power with each victory or loss of a Clone impacting their faction’s influence. Following those merciless fights, each player will raise his notoriety in the eyes of the Synarchy’s population. The more recognised the player, the more impactful and important are their actions.  Synarchy’s future is in the palm of their hands and no one could presently forecast the consequences that it may have in the medium or long term.

These dynamic evolutions in the script will directly shape the game’s content. Announcements of new factions, introduction of new clones from a victorious faction, new arms and equipment, or even game mode modifications will be direct consequences of player’s actions.

From the beginning of this project we wanted to give our community a central role, even more regarding the event that will change the Synarchy forever. For us it is incredibly exciting, even we do not know what will happen in Games of Glory.” comments Anders Larsson, CEO of LightBulb Crew “We also believe this will increase the enjoyment for those who are not competitive players but also interested by the game’s story.

As a complement of the power games system, players will be able to unveil the secrets of the Synarchy through solo or club quests, in direct link with the different factions and Clones. Does the Synarchy aim to invade new systems? What are the origins and the secrets behind each Clone? Which dark plots are threatening the power in place? So many questions that will find their answers through these exciting quests.

LightBulb Crew also release new video content, bringing new complementary elements to this brand new aspect of the MOBA genre. The video can be viewed at this address:

Lightbulb Crew’s Kickstarter campaign page can be found at, along with more details about the game, gameplay videos and other information for potential backers. The campaign offers several levels of support with multiple attractive rewards.


The Steam Greenlight page can be found at Fans should visit the Greenlight page and vote for Games of Glory.



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