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Hey Natasha, huge welcome from the team at play3r. I am a huge fan but for the people out there that doesn’t know, Natasha is an England, UK based make-up/special effect artist. She is a self-proclaimed Mortal Kombat and gaming fanatic, and when you look at her work you won’t argue. From Iron Man to Scorpion, Harley Quinn to Maji Buu this girl can turn into anyone or anything!

So Nat I have talked a little bit about you, and everyone will see you differently but how do you see what you do?

“I suppose I would describe what I do as out of the ordinary. I turn myself and other people into different kinds of characters from a game, film or even something totally new. I would say it’s unique however!”

As a follower of yours I can safely say you love Mortal Kombat and it has influenced massively it shows in a lot of your work, what is your first memory of Mortal Kombat and what got you hooked on its hard hitting fighting? The most important question has to be what is Favourite character from the old games?

“My first memory was when I was a really young age, I used to go over to my Grandma’s house and in her study were my dad’s consoles, so he had Sega Genesis and we would play the original Mortal Kombat. Along with Sonic those were the two first games I ever played. I grew up on that game and I loved the characters, it became a favourite of mine quickly. I mainly played with either Scorpion or Kitana, now-a-days though Scorpion remains to be my favourite.”


You have done some amazing work and always surprise me when I see your next piece, with such a variety and as you say you are just that girl with a million faces, what makes you want to do Mortal Kombat inspired ones?

“Being able to turn myself into characters I’ve been a fan of from my childhood is probably the main reason I do it and why it makes it fun, they’re so challenging too for example creating Mileena’s teeth or recreating Scorpions mask. They’re difficult but because they are extremely creative characters they are fun to do!”

Have you been keeping up with the news of Mortal Kombat X and with the growing line up who are you looking forward to? Or are you still waiting for someone else to show up in the trailers?

“I have definitely been keeping up with all of them! I’m actually looking forward to seeing how D’Vorah is as I did makeup on her, but I’m also sticking to older characters which I love such as Scorpion and Ermac. I’m hoping to see Mileena in the lineup however!”

Last question, so you have work that has been on Tv, been featured all over the net, and now have been worshiped but the team at Play3r I have to ask what should we expect to see you doing next?

“You should expect a lot more crazy looks! They’re only going to get more insane. A lot more craziness, more work to do with film and television, and most importantly more makeup! I also have my own website launching on the 1st march!”

Thanks for having this chat with us you have been amazing.
This has been Peter with Game Changers, want to know more about Nat Morley then check her out at


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