Ever wondered how so many players are able to rank up in CS: GO and end up being featured on csbet.gg? If you’ve just gotten into this game, ranking up can be a long, time-consuming process, especially if you’re not aware of the technical aspects that go into it. Usually, the bigger the rank, the more respect you’ll have, and the more fear opposing teams will have when facing you.

So, how can you boost your rank in CS: GO? Here are some tips.

  1. Play at Least Once a Month

One of the most annoying things about CS: GO ranks is that if you don’t play for 30 days, you will be automatically taken to a smaller rank. You will have to play one game to get it back, but it would still be troublesome to go from very high rank to a very low one, especially if you’ve put in a lot of work.

If you want to maintain your rank and not watch all your efforts you did go down the drain, make sure you play competitive matchmaking games at least once a month. Otherwise, you’ll have a really hard time wanting to take it back.

  1. Win Competitive Matchmaking Games

As expected, the sure way to rank up is by winning games. Competitive matchmaking, though, is the only game that will help you rank higher in time. Draws are also effective in offering you a higher position.

Keep in mind that draws are of 15-15, but in order to win, you must obtain 16 points. Make sure you practice a lot, then you’ll be ready to be matched up with more experienced players and gain an even higher rank.

  1. Don’t Lose Matches

Is there anything else that could decrease your rank aside from not playing for a month? Yes, there is – game losses. While you’re not the only one in charge of the match, losing should be avoided at all costs. It only takes one member of the team to ruin the whole thing, so even if it’s not you, one of your companions may cause your downfall.

Communication is really important, and coming up with plans to prevent a loss before and during the match will help increase your chances to win. You all need to help each other and make sure the enemies don’t get to beat you. If you lose too many games, you may end up losing a rank. The last thing you want is going back to the lowest rank, so do everything you can to prevent it.

Final Thoughts

Ranking up in CS: GO may not be the most difficult thing to do once you get accustomed to the game mechanics, but you need to spend a lot of time playing. If you remember to communicate with your teammates properly and make sure you all follow the settled path, you will ensure lots of winnings and fewer losses. As such, growing in rank will come naturally.

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