At the moment, there is a real problem with the national health services around the world getting blood donations. Well there is currently a piece of technology being developed that could help with this problem. “Blood Sport” is its name, and it is an ambitious piece of technology that links medical equipment to a video game. During the game if you get shot or hurt the game will take some real blood from you, crazy I know.

Hospitals and emergency services are currently pleading for more blood donations. There are never enough people willing to donate due to time, effort, or genuine fear. Blood Sport is looking to bridge that gap between charity and gaming. Currently the world of charity has jumped onto the benefits of linking it with gaming. Companies around the world are now getting involved with gaming charities. Companies like Rooster Teeth throw gaming charity events, and it has even worked its way into YouTubers like PewDiePie and KSI etc.

This piece of kit is simple in its creation. The electrical signal from the controller’s rumble gets linked to a blood collection system. Every time the controller rumbles, some blood is taken from you. The only thing they’d have to do is develop it so it is when you get hurt, rather than it rumbling during every cut scene which some games do.

It does mean that they’ll only take small amounts of blood for each rumble, but for the length of time you play the more blood is taken so it works.

Blood Sport is currently on Kickstarter CLICK HERE


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