Who Will Make the Next Call of Duty

The word is out on the street, and Activision have made their usual announcement on who is picking up the Call of Duty franchise for 2015. The popular game franchise is being made by the veteran COD maker Treyarch. You might remember them as the creators of the popular mode Call of Duty’s Zombies.

They also made the classic Call of Duty: World at War and the Black Ops series. The Black Ops series is definitely the most popular of the games that Treyarch have had their hands on. In fact, Activision Publisher CEO Eric Hirshberg has stated publicly that Black Ops “remains the biggest selling titles in franchise history.”

The news coming out of the release states that Treyarch will not be producing one stand-alone game but will be releasing one of a three-year development cycle. Hirshberg is giving very little away but has stated that they plan on “loading the game with innovation”. Very little else has been released at this stage, but I’m sure that social media and the games website will be releasing more information as we go on.

I enjoyed Advanced Warfare and it is actually one of the more popular Call of Duty games I’ve played. The only problem with Call of Duty is its repetitiveness that the game has struggled to step away from. In fact on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, the game was hit with controversy as one of its scenes played out exactly like its predecessor. For me it is really a massive problem, the main problem is creating a story that grips me, that is what they struggle with.

Are you getting tired of the same old from Call of Duty? What do you think Treyarch could add that would make the game better? Let us know in the comments below.


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