The head of Xbox Japan, Takashi Sensui, has resigned from his role at the company according to Kotaku’s translation of a report from Famitsu. Sensui has had this position since 2006, but rather than just leave altogether, Kotaku reports he will stay in a support role and serve as General Manager for Interactive Entertainment Business from Microsoft’s US base.

The reason behind his departure is down to poor Xbox One sales. The whole of the Xbox One department is currently under a reorganisation. The Xbox One managed only to sell 23,562 units during its debut in Japan. Adding up the hardware sales it puts the Xbox One at 38,000, compared to Playstation 4 clearing 322,000. The Wii U has managed to ship 308,570 during its entire Japanese launch.

To be fair, Microsoft has always struggled with life in Japan. Sony has had such a foothold in Japan, so for an American company to try and break that market will always be difficult. I compare it to trying to sell a Samsung phone to an Apple fan, it’ll never ever happen. I don’t really think it is fair that Takashi Sensui has taken the fall, but he will end up being looked after I’m sure.

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