The slot machines are extremely popular in the world as a good way to rest and even earn some money. Also, they are one of the fastest and easiest ways to relieve stress. Sometimes such games bring really huge jackpots. They have already been chosen by millions of people around the world. And you probably will have friends who had got some money in online casinos. Maybe you are also in a group of people who are not indifferent to gaming machines? You can check it out for free if you visit website. In the meantime, you still think, we offer you 5 interesting facts about slot machines that you didn’t know before.

First Person Who Had Played Slots At Home

In fact, the first person who first played slots at home had a real hall with one-armed bandits. It was a long time ago, and at that time nobody had thought about the possibility of playing online. This interesting fact is connected with a musician named Lemmy Kilmister. He was famous not only for his playing in the Motorhead group but also for his great passion for gamblings. Every day he organized parties in his estate. In order to combine party and slots, he had equipped a whole hall with slot machines in this estate. Thus, he became the first person who has played such gambling entertainment without leaving home.

Chewing Gum As A Prize For Winners

The epoch of slot machines called “one-armed bandit” began in the United States at the end of 19th century. However, the government of the USA was struggling with this business. The company Bell-Fruit Gum found the way to circumvent the prohibitions. In 1910 it started the production of slot machines, which gave out very cheap chewing gum for each win at the drums. Card symbols were also replaced by pictures of watermelons and cherries. Fruits symbolized the aromas of different varieties of chewing gum. The prize was given out when three the same pictures coincided. This fruit symbolism is still can be found even in modern, computerized online slot machines.

Slot Machines Used Braille For Blind Gamers

The famous blind American singer and pianist Ray Charles suggested the creation of slot machines using Braille. In addition, these slots equipped with special sound prompts. Since that time even blind gamblers begun able to play some one-armed bandits. And in 2002, the company Alliance Gaming Group presented a special game. It’s thematic is related to the work of this great musician.

The Largest Casino Capitals

According to official data, every eighth citizen of the USA can be seated at gambling tables and slot machines in Las Vegas. But in fact, the United States can not boast the largest number of casinos and gaminators. In fact, these right belong to Japan. Exactly this small country boasts the largest number of slot machines. Approximately 5 million gaminators in Japan, while the United States has an estimated 800,000. In addition, the name of the largest capital in the world of gambling entertainments belongs to Macau (China). This is a cute city to the south of the country.

Virtual Reality Grabs Gambling

last few years began to appear drastically new slot machines. Это касается Japan, where users can play slots of a new era. These gaminators connect the classic rotation of the reels and the elements of virtual reality. For example, gambling and sports are combined in the Japanese Virtual Dog Walking Machine. By the way, from all the Europeans exactly the British highly appreciated this novelty. The task of the player seems to be very simple. The user should walk the virtual dog and rotate the drums. But the pet is very unpredictable, the race of its movements is constantly changing. And with the speed of the dog changes the speed of the treadmill. Gamblers who will be fascinated by such game have to keep a rather good level of mobility.


Also, one can not forget about the man who won the biggest jackpot in the world. This is a 26 years old soldier from the UK who hit the jackpot at the end of 2013. His prize was equivalent to 20 million dollars. And it was obtained after just 25 rotations of the reels on one of the most profitable slots Mega Moolah. The prize check to the lucky winner was issued by the general director of Microgaming by himself.

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