Google isn’t exactly having the best of it with their Pixel Buds. Supposedly set to change the game as far as personal in-ear audio is concerned, these units have instead had a bit of a rough and tumble ride just lately. However, it’s good to see that Google are – at least – on top of the game, now.

So – what can we expect from the latest updates to Google’s buds? Is it possible now for people to, say, play live blackjack at Betsson online casino without straining to hear the dealer? Let’s take a look at what went wrong and how Google’s made amends.

‘Click Here’ for a Fix

Google, ever ready to help people find fixes to their hardware problems at a tap’s notice, seems to have issues let wash over them. While aforementioned blackjack fans can now click here to enjoy live gaming again with their patched earbuds, they are first going to need to load up the new firmware.

What actually went wrong was cut-outs. Specifically, the Pixel Buds have developed an annoying error where, after some time, they will cut out audio without explanation. However, Google has such an answer – it’s a firmware fault.

It’s safe to say that not everyone using these buds experienced the fault. Those that did, however, lost patience with what Google had launched to be the buds to end them all.

Oddly enough, the cut-outs occurred roughly one minute and 50 seconds into listening to audio. It’s been a strange bug, that’s for sure – but fingers crossed, you should be able to plug and go without issue from now.

How to Fix the Bug

Ok – to fix the audio bug, you simply need to make sure you plug your Pixel Buds into your firmware-ready device. You need to make sure you have the latest firmware of 552 in place, and your buds are going to need around a ten-minute connection before you can take them back out. Not sure where to find the settings? Look under the ‘more settings’ tab for the update.

Then, you’re going to need to plug them back into your charging case or unit for a further ten minutes. Remove them, and then you should be good to go with all the audio you want – uninterrupted. It’s a little annoying to wait up to 20 minutes for the fix, but it’s certainly worth it.

Will These Problems Happen Again?

It’s not exactly been the easiest start for this latest Google product, but the speed at which the company has addressed these issues is refreshing. That said, anyone thinking of investing in this tech may well be thinking twice – at least, until more of the problems are ironed out over time.

For now, at the very least, you can update your buds and get listening at your leisure. The Pixel Buds are still fantastic pieces of kit, but most tech goes through a bit of a rocky cycle from time to time.

Stick with the buds and see what happens next. The audio quality is great, and Google at least has your back should anything go wrong in future. Fingers crossed this will be the last of the issues they have to patch up at such short notice!

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